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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the individual and how quickly they gain the skills and how hard they work. Younger students often pick it up quicker, as your brain is more receptive to learning new skills.

The DVSA advises 40 hours practice; We at Wythall Driving School feel this is a bit high, but really it depends on the individual and how quickly they learn the skills necessary to pass

We personally feel pupils taking 2 hours lessons learn more from them. This enables you to get more practice around the test centre and branch out a bit more.

Every person has their own learning preferences, we recommend the DVLA app, however you can learn from books if you prefer, as long as they are the DVLA ones as they are official and up to date.

Yes you can, however you will not have your provisional license as the examiner takes that away when you pass. Your new license will take around 20 working days to arrive in the post.

No, they generally don't have a quota of passing drivers to hit, as it all depends on your skill and confidence on the road.

All test centres have different routes, which incorporate many different challenges and conditions for any driver. Here at Wythall Driving School, we take learners on variable routes, with some lessons being about different driving challenges.

FaQ Updated: February 2024.